Yoga Certification

It was a great adventure to endure 21 consecutive days of intensive yoga training with Mark Stephen in Santa Cruz. A few of us dropped in the first week but I felt I had to put the 200 hours to get certified. I didn’t know the name of the poses in English much less in Sanskrit. I am also super stiff and most of the attendees were shooting for the 500- hour certification not the 200-entry level. Should I dream of being certified as a yoga teacher? I believe stiff people with hamstrings that just refuse to let up like mine actually should flock to yoga classes and the hyper mobile people should go to the gym. Not even through imagination and/or visualization I see myself going through the poses Mark requires us to describe in his final exam before the certification. He required: “Close book”. Well, I asked my clients for help and this is what Rocky said after reading the questions:

“Wow, this is quite a training! This is my 5th year of teaching and I’ve completed two 200-hour trainings and many workshops and these questions are advanced.”

Nelson Olivera LMT – HHP