My office location is on the second floor of a building without an elevator. In the case that this is not accessible for you, we can decide on an alternative, mutually agreeable location that is accessible to all.

$135 One Hour and 30 Minutes Massage

Signature Relaxation and Rejuvenation Session 

This massage session is customized by you; you are welcome to describe to your therapist what you feel your body needs and wants.

Nelson offers clients a unique combination of deeply intuitive abilities, emotional sensitivity and a broad range of massage techniques for relaxation and rejuvenation throughout your session.

Allow yourself the opportunity to suspend time and indulge in an incredible massage experience.

Deep Work 

This is a deep muscular therapy for chronic pain, utilizing thumbs, elbows, forearms, barefoot and sports massage techniques to address muscle pain, complaints of discomfort, tight or knotted areas as well as specific contracted muscle groups.

Nelson works within your comfort zone to produce effective, measurable results such as releasing frozen shoulder or stiff neck and easing computer related aches or lower back pain. He performs compression and relaxation techniques of medium to long strokes to enhance blood circulation, muscle oxygenation and to warm up the area of the body for the deeper work needed.

Integrated in your session: Warm stones, hot towel, tuning forks, organic coconut oil, brushing and more. Add $15

Massage for Muscle Pain

Nelson combines Signature Relaxation and Deep Work to achieve measurable results.

Nelson Olivera LMT – HHP