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  1. I have been getting massage from Nelson every month or two for two years. Vertebrae problems cause me considerable neck and shoulder pain; Nelson is the only therapist who has been able to mitigate it for more than a few hours. After a massage I am able stand up straight and walk comfortably, a great feeling. He is also a very compassionate and caring person who actually listens to my current problems and is usually able to do something about them. I unconditionally recommend Nelson. R. Swanson
  2. Nelson is a definitely a healer! I have received many types of massage from around the world and Nelson is hands down (or maybe I should say hands on) the best. The kind of deep tissue work he performs is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Every time I’ve gone to him I’ve cried as I lay there watching the toxic stagnant energies leave my body. Thank you Nelson and look forward to seeing you soon 🙂 Cristina Marie
  3. Wow… What a great experience Nelson will take you through with his unique massage techniques! If you are looking for a one time massage you will be greatly please, but if you are looking for masseur Nelson’s holistic training will teach you how to relax, And $135 for One Hour and 30 Minutes… It’s a deal! Nicolas
  4. Nelson is amazingly talented, knowledgeable, strong, creative, intuitive, and kind. I feel so fortunate to have found him! I’ve had many massages all over the world and he is definitely, by far, the best! I called him to see if he could squeeze me in because I was experiencing neck pain and loss of mobility. He agreed to see me for 20 minutes (during his lunch!) Within 10 minutes he had found the problem – almost all my pain disappeared and I had full range of motion back! I’ve never seen anyone find a muscle problem and resolve it that quickly. I booked a full 80 minute massage for the next week, and words cannot do the experience justice! Nelson created a safe space, and then he found areas of deep tension I didn’t even know I had until he masterfully worked them out and I felt what it was like when my long-held tension had evaporated. He also knows how to find stuck energy in the body and make it flow. I felt my energy body humming! By the time he was done, I felt like a new person – filled with energy and vitality. Wow! I highly recommend you book an appointment and experience Nelson’s magic for yourself! Teresa Keller

5.Some people learn to give a decent massage, but it is rare to discover someone who is a gifted practitioner. Nelson’s session didn’t follow a typical “massage” script whereby a therapist executes a series of learned-and-practiced-moves. Rather than simply laying on the table, I worked with Nelson in the session–I was an active participant rather than a passive recipient. Nelson centered on my needs and my ability to tolerate deeper work. Nelson blended a number of techniques: at times the session felt like a soothing Swedish massage, but the main focus was deeper work that helped me discover my habitual patterns for holding tension that we addressed as a team. He incorporated his whole-body into the experience in a Thai massage-like way. Nelson focused on connective tissue as well as the muscles themselves and he used hot stones near the end of the session for a soothing end to the session. The result was an experience that left me deeply relaxed and invigorated with a more nuanced understanding of my body. I will be back! Brian S.

  1. strong and innovative massage that left me feeling blissful and satisfied. alternating gentle and deep/intense. the tuning forks are a game-changer. recommend highly – Benjamin K.

7- Amazing experience! Definitely going back again. Jini K.

8- I discovered Nelson on the web when I was desperately searching for a massage therapist who could see me on short notice. I had been suffering with chronic migraines for several weeks and nothing that I usually do was working. Nelson worked on my neck and shoulders, as requested, but also realized that tension in the rest of my body was contributing to the problem. After the first massage, I felt better and was able to be somewhat productive. After the second massage, a week later, I was back to nearly normal. What a relief! I’ve had many massages, but Nelson uses techniques that I’ve never experienced. I recommend him highly. Nancy Beam

9 – Nelson is a true Body Magician, and I cannot recommend him enough. I’ve been a client of Nelson’s for over a decade, and in the last two years I’ve seen him about every four to six weeks. In the time I’ve known him he’s been centrally important in my recovery from chronic neck and shoulder pain, runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, and a torn bicep muscle, among other injuries and illnesses. Every time I leave a session with him I feel taller, stronger, and more connected to my body than when I entered. He knows my body and knows how to help me reconnect to my body, spirit, and soul, and no other therapist compares to his skill, touch, and expertise. He’s helped me in ways I cannot describe here, and he’ll help you, too. He is truly not to be missed. John S.

  1. Without a doubt, Nelson provides the best massage I’ve ever had. My shoulder and trap muscles were constantly tight from weightlifting and I tried other massages, foam rolling, and pressure point therapy to release the tightness and tension. Nothing seemed to help until I came to see Nelson. It amazes me that he is able to sense areas of your body that need work without you even telling him. He adapts to your needs and is extremely communicative about what he is doing throughout the massage. I have learned a tremendous amount about anatomy myself after going to see him. Once you meet Nelson, you immediately realize he is genuinely passionate about his work and his goal is to make you feel better. I have seen him multiple times and constantly recommend him to others who all have incredibly positive experiences. Anna Xu
  2. So… I’ll say this. This is not really a massage, per se, it’s different. If I were asked the questions “Is this the best massage I’ve ever received?” (I’ve had hundreds from all over the world), my answer, without question, is “100% YES”. It’s not even a close comparison to be honest. The issue here is it’s not just a massage, it’s a transformative experience. Nelson is a master at his craft, which is Body Healing. I had a back issue which was causing me so much pain and discomfort. I went to the Chiropractor for 20 sessions and he tried his best but couldn’t solve the issue. 5 minutes into my first session with Nelson, he knew what was wrong. 3 sessions later, back pain gone. He realized it was a hip issue, not a back issue. UNREAL. Anything he charges is too low and everything he does is under appreciated. He is a master. You just have to trust him and let him do what he does. Brett P.
  3. Literally, best massage ever. Nelson is funny and very talented and despite what he says about his bs, a healer as well. My shoulder has hurt, popped and caught for months. He worked it out Sunday and it feels better now than it has in a long time. Thank you very much, Nelson. Dara Z.
  4. I have been coming to see Nelson about once a month for the past year initially for my sore shoulder from workout mishap. He was very well in tune with anatomy that I didn’t really have to explain much what bothered me. His techniques alternate between Shiatsu and Swedish which are very relaxing. Personally, I think his rate is very reasonable considering that an upscale spa costs probably twice as much. Come see him and you will know what your aching muscles have always wanted. Apichai S.
  5. I visited Nelson once a few weeks ago – I’ve been for a handful of massages before, but this was the best I’ve ever received. I’m a healthy but very active person, and I walked into Nelson’s small, pleasantly warm, clean studio on Market Street with a list of the usual things I felt were tense. Nelson listened, and then discovered and zeroed in on the things I hadn’t thought about. Mild lower back discomfort? Probably because my glutes are really knotted up and were never a focus of my stretching and self-massage. Everything was expertly executed, but also attentive to my current comfort levels. The massage was deep without being sharp. Nelson uses his whole body, plus hot stone as tools, and seems to love what he does. I felt great after and slept incredibly soundly that night. Amandine L.
  6. Nelson’s massage was thorough and seemed to be designed especially for me. The time flew by. I especially enjoyed the work with the warm stones. It was a wonderful experience. Carlos H.
  7. Nelson is my best work and stress relief therapy. Whether it’s after a week long business trip to Singapore or a weekend camping trip to the Sierra, Nelson is my go to guy. Lyle S.
  8. I have gone to Nelson over the past several years. He is an outstanding massage therapist. Very focused and responsive on what you want. Nelson is great with deep tissue, including finding the right amount of pressure and the level you find comfortable. Paul L.
  9. Awesome experience! Nelson holds a safe space, filled with a deeply loving warmth and energy. He sets a vibration where I can let down my defensive walls and allow my muscles to relax. He finds and releases tension in muscles I have unconsciously locked-down by holding onto feelings of stress and fear. He also facilitates a clearing of blockages between chakras allowing me to feel a balance of earth & universe energy flowing through me. I leave this sacred space reinvigorated, with a relaxed physical body, calm mind and open, empowered heart. I always feel I’ve been reminded of my direct connection to the divine and I emerge feeling refocused on a path to my own personal growth. Duran M.
  10. Nelson is hands down the most amazing massage therapist I have ever encountered. I’m a personal trainer and my body takes a pretty hard beating during the week. I have past injuries in my back, shoulders and ankles and he intuitively knows exactly how to help relieve them when they pop up and to help me understand how to prevent them from reoccurring. Nelson has the rare and perfect blend of expert technical knowledge of anatomy with the intuitive touch of a healer. He clearly loves what he does and I can tell he cares about his clients and his craft. He takes time to explain what he finds going on in my body, continually checks in to make sure I am comfortable and is extremely responsive to texts and emails. His studio is clean, warm and comfortable without all the pretentious fluff of a commercial spa. He keeps the room nice and heated with low music. I’m so grateful to have found Nelson and highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their mobility, reduce pain or to simply relax and unwind. He is a master and you will be in excellent hands. Jonathan J.
  11. Nelson es un gran masajista con habilidad para leer el cuerpo. Cada masaje es un experiencia profunda y divertida. Al llegar a USA empecé a tener desarreglos menstruales y después de una intensa sesión mi menstruación vino después de dos meses. Durante las sesiones he podido descubrir que es lo que mi cuerpo necesita.Laura C.
  12. Nelson was a miracle worker. I had a strained Achilles that hampered my walking and was problematical for several days. Nelson massaged a knot on the calf and stretched the Achilles. Today I am pain free. Thank you, Nelson! Richard R.
  13. I did not want to write this review because I feared that I would have fewer opportunities with this superbly talented massage therapist. Let me start by saying I have had many massages from many therapists during my lifetime. None compare to or achieve what Nelson Olivera’s nimble hands can do. Nelson has a gift in that he can sense and find where the bad spots are. He can also spot trouble just looking at your stance and gait. Nelson’s mix of techniques ensure you are fully relaxed, if not often healed when you leave. Nelson has also helped to encourage me to make better and healthier lifestyle choices. As a frequent visitor to San Francisco from New York, my first order of business when I arrive here is to see Nelson. It is one of the best addictions you will ever have. I enthusiastically recommend Nelson Olivera. From gentle to strong deep tissue, Nelson is your man. John M.
  14. I’ve been getting massages from Nelson off and on for over five years now, and I have to say that he is the best healer I’ve ever worked with. He has such great intuition with the body and is always able to provide exactly what I need (even if I don’t know what that is myself before coming in). I don’t live in the Bay Area anymore, but when I come back to visit, I always try to book a massage with Nelson! Adam B.
  15. Nelson is a very special person and a superb intuitive massage therapist. He is very sensitive to individual needs and preferences, and can locate and relieve trigger points in an amazing way. He is a “magus” of the massage table. Paul K.
  16. Nelson has the most incredible, intuitive touch I have ever experienced during a massage. He puts his entire soul into your body and balances strong, deep strokes (elbows and knees!) with a gentle, healing energy. He is endlessly professional yet compassionate, instantly putting you at ease. I, truly, will never get a massage from anyone else. His studio is cozy and warm, the table is soft as a cloud and he is very accommodating. If you are in the area and looking to feel a thousand years younger and a million pounds lighter, run to Nelson. 100%. Alex L.
  17. Nelson is always attentive to my special areas of concern, makes sure I’m comfortable and adjusts his technique to my requests. Steve M.
  18. I was referred to Nelson several months ago and now try to see him once a month. I generally leave feeling relaxed but energized at the same time. He’s helped to relieve muscle and leg pain and offered exercise and yoga suggestions to try out on my own that have been very helpful. He also recommended a film on fat and diet; his experience and knowledge goes way beyond the table. David D.
  19. 5-Start Rate without a comment. Mark N.
  20. Nelson is very strong and a great masseur. I’d say he is especially good for very athletic guys like me who need very firm and deep massage to take the knots out and keep us on the court. Thumbs way up!

Matt R.

  1. I’ve been getting massages for years, and recently came to Nelson after my old massage therapist closed down his practice. Nelson is very knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly really great at giving deep therapeutic massage. He ended up spending even longer than the time I had booked with me to work on some particular areas, and then spent even longer afterwards explaining the details behind what he was doing. As a bonus, he’s also super convenient to reach right next to the Church MUNI stop. Brian S.
  2. Nelson is an amazing massage therapist. Nelson asked me questions about areas of stiffness and soreness and was able- through deep tissue massage to provide relief. He has a lot of knowledge about human physiology and was able to restore some balance to my body. I highly recommend his services! Thank you Nelson! Robert F.
  3. I love his performance! Sue L






























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