I would like to thank all the clients that took a moment to write down the following testimonials.

Thanks very much for your excellent work. That knot had been there for so long and it just seemed to get bigger. You are the only person to have worked it completely out. I am feeling incredible well since.
– Steve – Santa Monica, CA

Thank you, I am fully awake, my body is in proper alignment.
– Jena – nurse – L.A.

Thank you again for the very healing massage I received from you while I was at San Isidro Ranch. My body especially appreciates your work around my pacemaker to release the muscles here.
– Meg

I have received massage all over the world but this was the best.
– Many – San Isidro Ranch

For the first time in over a year I can lie on the floor and bring my arms over my head. You are a magician. I will see you again! – Thank you
– Susan

I am as good as you are with a needle.
– Dr. Victoria Wexly – L.A.

Your massage was great and I appreciate the extra care you took by extending the time period and showing me techniques to work on myself. You do great work. If you know someone down here in this area that does massage close to as well as you, please let me know.
– Philip – San Diego, CA

After our session I made massive progressive in my recovery from a back injury. Your work was both professional and helpful.
– Jeff

My best massage. Many thank yous for the fabulous massage.
– Pat – Spa owner

Thank you very much. That was beautiful.
– Carmen

Great job Nelson! The best massage I’ve ever had. Wonderfully connected and intuitive! Thank you!
– Lisa

Excellent! Very relaxing! (Body wrap)
– Carol

What a wonderful experience I had today. This was my first massage and I don’t know why I waited so long. I’ll certainly return very soon.
– Teresa

Nelson Olivera LMT – HHP