The Chakra Series

A Visual Journal of the Journey Within

By Joy Oliveira

The Chakra Series: A Visual Journal of the Journey Within combines the self-reflection of written journals, the creative expression of visual journals and the memory-making of scrapbooking. It invites readers to create both written and artistic reflections of their inner journey on the spiritual path.

The author has created four pieces to illustrate each chakra, including the emerging high heart of loving service between the heart and throat. Additional images invite contemplation of our relationship to past and future as well as the Divine Feminine and Divine Power.

Written prompts, questions and affirmations will encourage readers to reflect more deeply on the sacred truths and spiritual lessons of each chakra.

The completed book also will include blank pages for self-exploration and self-expression. It can be used to record one’s inner journey or as a companion journal on the new path of pilgrimage described in Crown of the Continent: A Sacred Journey to the Heart of America’s Mountains. (This work guides readers to 15 sacred sites along North America’s Continental Divide from Santa Fe, N.M., to Mt. McKinley, Alaska. Each site corresponds to a major chakra of the human energy system.)

Several images are based on the Sacred Geometry symbols created by Dutch artist Janosh ( These beautiful patterns represent higher truths that can be encoded directly into our Beings. They are included here with the generous permission of the artist. (Permission requested, May 2008)

The journal can be used independently as a chakra-by-chakra self-assessment, or to record thoughts, impressions and experiences on the new path of pilgrimage along the Continental Divide of North America (as a companion volume to Crown of the Continent: A Sacred Journey to the Heart of America’s Mountains by the same author).

In addition to the seven chakras described in Eastern spiritual traditions, this work integrates images and insights regarding three additional chakras of the evolving human:

  • Zero Chakra – The emerging high heart of loving service located between the heart and throat chakras. This, too, is the center of an energetic cross in which we become conscious of our role as a bridge between heaven and earth (consciousness and form), past and future (what has been created and experienced, and what is yet to be).
  • Eighth Chakra – The Divine Feminine energy center above the head.
  • Ninth Chakra – The Divine Power Center far above the head.


Nelson Olivera LMT – HHP